Greatest nurses! Ever conscious nurses and ever gallant and ever dynamic dear fellow comrades I bring you greetings with a gallant voice of Aluta, may your days be long and may you work and never stumble.

I want to start by a popular adage which says he who fails to plan, plans to fail, it is on this note I want to urge us and am still urging us to please let bear in mind that our annual NURSES WEEK is fast approaching and as such we need to join hands 🤝 to achieve success bearing in mind that since the beginning of our tenure people have been observing what shall comes out of our administration.

And by God’s grace we have been doing well and we need to crown it with befitting nurses week that is much more gracious than all previous tenure has ever achieved remember history will never forget a reigns of a king who turn village to a CITY and history will not also forget the reigns of a king who turns a CITY into a VILLAGE.

This is our reigns and by the grace of God we shall be remembered for good.

God bless my college of nursing Ilorin!

God bless my fellow comrades and nurses!


Comrade Abdulkareem Abubakar

SUG President